Prambanan Temple

One of the most well known and biggest Hindu temple in South East Asia. Prambanan Temple located approximately 17 kilometres northeast of the city of Yogyakarta on the boundary between Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces. 

Tips :

When you buy entrance ticket, don’t forget to buy the package to Ratu Boko Temple. Just add another Rp 10.000 (ten thousand rupiah), you will get the free shuttle bus to Ratu Boko Temple. Go to Ratu Boko Temple first with the free shuttle bus and later you can come back to Prambanan using the same shuttle bus (available every 15 minutes).

Ask the local people for a brief story around the temple. I asked some locals (they help you take photo and sell it to you). Most of them sitting on the corner of the main temple and I gave tips to them (actually this is up to you, i am just being nice).

After you are done with the main Prambanan temple, walk out from the right side of the temple where you can find ruins. Follow the road and you will find a place to rent a golf car which will take you to another 3 temple and one of them is Sewu Temple. Sewu temple is Buddhist temple. I suggest you to take the golf car since it’s very cheap Rp 20.000 for one person. It will save your time exploring the rest of the site and it will drop you on the exit door. When you exit, you will find a lot of people will offer you to stop by their shops. I like to get one fresh coconut before i leave.

I made a simple and quick video. It has a not-so-good quality because I actually using it on Instagram and limited to 60 seconds.



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