Jumog Waterfall

Located not far away from Sukuh Temple and Ceto Temple . 25 meter split “twin-waterfall”. Cold and fresh air around this site and you can get really close to the waterfall if you want to get all wet but be careful with your steps. On you way walking to the waterfall, you will pass by a few shops we called “warung” which sell drinks and foods and you can enjoy it while sitting beside the small waterfall (look at the picture below , i ordered an instant noodle).

Tips : If you park your vehicle on the top entrance, you need to walk down thru a lot of stairs but when you want to go back, you can use “Ojek” (means someone will take you with motorcycle back to the top entrance) it will cost you around Rp 20.000 (twenty thousand rupiah).

While waiting my ojek, i found someone selling noodle ball. It’s weird but I am a guy who will try everything while on “Adventure Mode” (check the photos).

Coordinates : Jumog Waterfall


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